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Frequent KSA Questions

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Where is Knoxville Songwriters Association?

Click for a to a map and the NASA view of KSA meeting location.

Who operates KSA?

A team of elected officers; President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and an elected executive committee comprise the staff members, including coordinators and committee chairmen who conduct all the necessary business of the organization in planning, special events and venues.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who appreciates and has a love of music or lyrics and wishes to network with others who have the same interest in song or lyric writing.

Are all songwriters also performing musicians or instrumentalists?

Although a number of members are musicians or at least play an instrument or sing, this is certainly not a requirement.  Many members enjoy writing lyrics, while others enjoy writing music and or lyrics. The ability to critique a set of lyrics is also a valued contribution to the group. While some members write and perform, others link up with other members to co-write or share the writing of the music and lyrics. There is no musicianship that needs to be demonstrated to beceome a valued member of KSA.

I am not a musician, can I join?

Yes all are welcome. There are non-musicians who have authored great lyrics or have the ability to critique lyrics.

Does KSA have a newsletter?
Yes KSA has an newsletter called The KSA Songwriter. It is produced occasionally and contains news and updates beneficial to songwriters. It includes informative articles about the craft of songwriting and periodic articles and personal observations about songwriting written by members. All members are encouraged to participate in the content of the newsletter by submitting their thoughts and opinions for publication. Current and past newsletters can be downloaded on our KSA Musician/Songwriter Resource Links page.

What is the KSA mailing address?

Knoxville Songwriters Association
P.O. Box 603
Knoxville, TN 37901

   ***If sending donation or for membership or renewals. Make checks payable to "Knoxville Songwriters Association"

What are the purpose, mission and goals of KSA?

The purpose of the Association is to bring together aspiring songwriters who are seeking information and education on the craft of songwriting. The best way to get that information and education is to network with others that have the same goal in mind.

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